6 Best High Frequency Wands According To Aestheticians

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To help you in your quest for the perfect high frequency wand, we’ve consulted with aestheticians to compile a list of the six best options on the market, and the number one spot holder is none other than “Nuderma clinical high frequency skin therapy wand” due to its vast range of electrodes.

Whether you’re targeting acne, fine lines, or overall skin rejuvenation, we have prepared a detailed list of the top 6 high-frequency wands below.

6 Best High Frequency Wands For You:

Here are the six best high frequency wands according to aestheticians:

nuderma wand high frequency machine with box and complete kit

#1 NuDerma Clinical High Frequency Skin Therapy Wand

Overall pick of customers!

One reviewer said: “People are consistently surprised when they learn my age; I have minimal wrinkles, and my skin has maintained a dewy, glass-like quality ever since I started using this product..”

Hands down, it’s the best HF wand ever!

The Nuderma Clinical High Frequency Skin Therapy Wand has become a preferred option among aestheticians for numerous reasons, primarily due to its remarkable effectiveness in promoting a youthful, radiant skin appearance. What makes it number one is also the positive feedback from reviewers, emphasizing its ability to reduce wrinkles and maintain a consistently dewy complexion.

This wand has won the 2023 Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Award, which justifies enough why this wand is number one according to aestheticians.

One of the key features that set this wand apart is its versatility, made possible by the inclusion of six specialized applicators. Each applicator is designed to target specific areas of the body, ensuring comprehensive skincare solutions. With both Neon and Argon applicators included, you can benefit from anti-aging properties and skin-balancing effects, resulting in enhanced radiance and beauty.

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stacked skincare high frequency wand

#2 Stacked Skincare High Frequency Wand

Good for acne-type skin, uses argon gas

One reviewer said: “I’ve been using this treatment in my nightly routine two to three times a week along with my toner/essence, and my skin has gotten so much better because of it!

The stacked skincare Hf wand competed strongly with the number one spot but 2 things led it to the 2nd spot:

  1. less variety of electrodes
  2. No neon gas (only argon gas)

But even with argon gas electrodes, stacked skincare hf wand blasts away acne-causing bacteria while reducing redness, inflammation, and dark spots. Plus, it comes with a handy scalp and hair comb attachment. It’s easy to store and adjust, making it a top pick for skincare lovers everywhere!

Plus, it’s super easy to store with dedicated slots for handles and electrodes, keeping everything organized and safe. You can also adjust the frequency to make it more comfortable for you.

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houzzi high for hair and skin frequency machine

#3 Houzzi High Frequency Skin Therapy Wand

Best Budget Friendly High Frequency Wand

One reviewer said: “This is a top-notch product that includes all the attachments you’ll ever need. You can easily adjust its strength to suit your needs. I’ve noticed a real improvement in my skin since using it.

Houzzi high frequency skin therapy wand lands at the third spot. It’s pretty neat because it does many things like skincare, massaging, and improving your hair. What’s cool is it comes with different tubes for different jobs – some for tiny spots and others for bigger areas. Using it is easy too – just plug in the tube, set it to zero, and switch it on.

But here’s the catch: you gotta use it right, like 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes each time, and not staying on one spot for too long.

What leads this product to the 3rd spot instead of the top 2’s is the mixed reviews of the users.

Also check: how to use high frequency wand?

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nuderma professional skin therapy wand

#4 NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand

Includes separate neon electrodes and argon electrodes

One reviewer said: “Wow, this wand is just incredible! I tried it once, and I could already see a small but noticeable change. I use it a few times a week, not every day. It’s really good for keeping your skin in great shape. I’d definitely suggest giving it a try!

What makes this different is the combo of Argon and Neon gas. With a total of six beauty wands, including three brand-new Argon applicators and three neon applicators, it’s like having a skincare superhero in your hands. This wand doesn’t just play around – it’s serious about anti-aging.

Inside the package, you’ll find everything you need – the wand itself, a range of powered wands, quick-start guides, and a support manual to help you out.

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newway high frequency wand

#5 NewWay High-Frequency Wand

Suitable for treating visible signs of aging with neon gas

One reviewer said: “I really like this product overall, especially for the price. It works great at stopping pimples right in their tracks..

New way high frequency machine operates on a natural system, using high-frequency current through a glass electrode tube for facial and head care. It’s all about collagen regeneration, tightening, and reducing acne. Additionally, it aids in nutrient absorption and hampers harmful substance growth. What’s great is its compact design, making home skincare maintenance convenient and cost-effective compared to frequent salon visits.

And let’s not forget the warranty – if there’s a defect, they’ll replace it for free within six months. All in all, it’s a multi-purpose, skin-saving tool that’s worth considering for your skincare routine.

While it may not be as good as the NuDerma ones, it still does a pretty fine job.


Honest review of the NewWay High Frequency Wand

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UUPAAS complete high frequency treatment kit

#6 UUPAS High Frequency Wand

Works on multiple skincare concerns

One reviewer said: “I reckon it’s one of those deals where you gotta stick with it regularly and for a good while to really see the results you’re after. Sure, it left my face feeling awesome afterward and gave it a bit of a smoother, more even appearance overall, but I’ll need to keep at it for a bit longer to see the full effect.”

UUPAS wand boasts some fancy new high frequency technology promising to give you a fresh new look using 100% natural methods – sounds promising, right? It’s also super portable, coming with a handle and four purple glass tubes (including the tongue, bend, mushroom, and comb tube). Using it is a breeze too – just pick the glass tube you want, slot it into the machine, and adjust the level to your liking.

Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty – nice touch for some peace of mind. So, if you’re looking for a handy high-frequency wand that provides general skin maintenance and does not break the bank, this might be for you.


1. Should I Buy High Frequency Wand?

Whether you should buy a HF wand depends on your individual skincare goals and circumstances.

Individuals interested in enhancing their skin’s appearance by reducing issues like acne, fine lines, and wrinkles can consider buying a hf wand. They must consult with a dermatologist to ensure the device is suitable for their skin type and conditions and to follow usage instructions to avoid any potential risks.

Conversely, those with very sensitive skin should not use it and exercise caution, as the electrical currents may irritate them.

While high-frequency wands can offer benefits, it’s essential to weigh these against potential risks and consult with a skincare professional before making a purchase.

2. What Is the Best Way To Use The High Frequency Wand?

Here are some brief tips on the best way for using HF wands:

  • Begin with clean, dry skin.
  • Use a conductive gel or serum.
  • Start at lowest intensity.
  • Move wand gently in circular motions.
  • Avoid eye area.
  • Keep sessions brief.
  • Clean wand after each use.
  • Use consistently for best results.
  • Discontinue if irritation occurs.

Check this for a more detailed guide: How to use hf wand?

3. Who Should Avoid Using Hf Wand?

Here are some individuals who should avoid using a high frequency device:

  • Very sensitive skin.
  • No dermatologist consultation.
  • Pregnancy or electronic implants.
  • Open wounds or infections.
  • History of skin allergies.
  • Individuals with very sensitive skin prone to irritation or discomfort.
  • Those who haven’t consulted with a dermatologist
  • Anyone seeking instant results or unsure about their commitment to regular use.


So, after checking out these top high frequency wands, it’s clear they can really help with our skincare routines. Each one has its own special features to help with different skin needs. Like the NuDerma Clinical wand, which won an award and comes with lots of attachments for different jobs. Or the Stacked Skincare wand, which is great for fighting acne.

There are also some cheaper options like the Houzzi wand and the NewWay wand, which still work really well. And there’s even UUPAS wand, promising to give you a fresh look using natural methods. All these wands are easy to use and come with different bits to help with your skin. So why not give one a try and see how it can help you feel great in your skin?

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