Galvanic Facial vs High Frequency: Exploring the Difference

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Choosing the right skincare treatment can be confusing, especially when it comes to Galvanic Facials and High-Frequency Facials. Each has its perks, and this article is here to simplify things for you.

We’ll break down the differences between Galvanic and High-Frequency Facials, making it easy for you to decide which one suits your skin goals best.

Let’s explore these treatments and find out how they can benefit your skin!

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Enola Walker is an expert in the realm of high-frequency treatments. Her expertise lies not only in understanding the complexities of high frequency treatments but also in simplifying these techniques for everyone.

galvanic facial vs high frequency

Galvanic Facial:

Galvanic facials use low-level electrical currents for a deep clean and better absorption of skincare products. Here is the process of doing a galvanic facial:

  1. The skin is treated with an acidic or alkaline solution based on the purpose of the galvanic device.
  2. A metal probe, connected to the galvanic machine, is placed on the skin. Another wire, attached to the wrist or arm, completes a closed loop, allowing current to flow through the body.
  3. The device is activated, and the esthetician moves the probe across the face for a few minutes, commonly using a roller-shaped probe.

The two main types of Galvanic Facials are “Desincrustation” and “Iontophoresis.”

  1. Desincrustation: This type focuses on deep cleansing. It uses a negatively charged current to soften and liquefy sebum and other impurities on the skin, making it easier to remove them.
  2. Iontophoresis: This type is more about product penetration. It utilizes a positively charged current to drive charged substances, like skincare products, deeper into the skin for enhanced absorption.

As for frequency, it’s generally recommended to do a Galvanic Facial once every three to four weeks. This allows for optimal benefits without overstimulating the skin.

Benefits of Galvanic Facials:

  1. Deep Cleansing
  2. Enhanced Product Absorption
  3. Improved Circulation
  4. Reduced Impurities
  5. Skin Rejuvenation
  6. Balanced Moisture
  7. Increased Nutrient Delivery
  8. Relaxation

High Frequency Facial:

High-frequency treatment involves using a device that emits a gentle electrical current to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.

The electrical current helps enhance blood circulation, promote collagen production, and eliminate bacteria on the skin’s surface.

It’s a non-invasive and efficient way to boost skin health and appearance.

Benefits of High-Frequency Treatment:

  1. Acne Treatment
  2. Fine Line Reduction
  3. Improved Skin Texture
  4. Collagen Stimulation
  5. Antibacterial Properties
  6. Pore Reduction
  7. Scalp Health
  8. Reduces Inflammation
  9. Promotes Oxygenation

Galvanic Facial vs High Frequency Facial:

Here’s a table to identify the differences between these treatments:

FeatureGalvanic FacialHigh-Frequency Facial
Technology UsedUses low-level electrical currents that facilitate deep cleansing and enhanced product absorption. These currents create a positive and negative charge, aiding in impurity removal and nutrient delivery.Uses high-frequency currents, characterized by rapid electrical oscillations. These currents generate thermal energy, creating warmth and promoting oxygenation.
Primary PurposeFocuses on deep cleansing, impurity removal, balanced moisture levels for overall skin revitalization, enhances blood circulation.Targets acne, fine lines, and skin texture improvement. Stimulates oxygenation, collagen production, and reduces inflammation.
Skin StimulationEnhances blood circulation, providing a relaxing experience during the facial. The skin experiences a gentle tingling sensation.Creates a mild warming or tingling sensation, stimulating oxygen molecules in the skin.
ApplicationIdeal for deep cleansing and nutrient delivery, benefits various skin types. The process is generally gentle and well-tolerated.Targets specific concerns like acne or fine lines, addressing targeted skincare needs. The treatment is adaptable and focuses attention on individual skin issues.
Effect on PoresReduces impurities and blackheads, contributing to a clearer complexion. Helps tighten pores and refine skin texture.May contribute to pore reduction by tightening and refining skin texture, promoting a smoother appearance. The treatment addresses specific concerns related to enlarged pores.
Collagen StimulationIndirectly promotes collagen production, contributing to improved elasticity and firmness over time. The overall effect is gradual.Directly promotes collagen, reducing fine lines.
Moisture BalanceAssists in balancing skin moisture levels, suitable for those with dryness or seeking overall hydration. Does not have a direct focus on moisture balance but offers targeted solutions for acne, fine lines, and improved skin texture.
Professional GuidanceRequires professional guidance for safe and effective application.Skincare professionals assess specific concerns and adjust the high-frequency facial for optimal efficacy and safety.
 galvanic facial vs high frequency
infographic: galvanic facial vs high frequency

Potential Side Effects of Galvanic Facials:

  1. Temporary Redness: causes temporary redness at the treated area, typically subsiding shortly after the session.
  2. Skin Sensation Changes: A mild tingling sensation occurs during the facial, but it is generally temporary.
  3. Swelling: Some individuals experience temporary swelling, particularly in sensitive areas.
  4. Tenderness: Sensitivity or tenderness on the skin occurs temporarily after the treatment.
  5. Dryness or Peeling: Rare cases involve temporary dryness or peeling as the skin adjusts.

Potential Side Effects of High-Frequency Facials:

  1. Temporary Redness: Some individuals experience temporary redness, generally resolving shortly after treatment.
  2. Skin Sensation Changes: Causes a mild tingling or warming sensation during treatment, usually well-tolerated.
  3. Swelling: Rare cases involve temporary swelling, especially in sensitive skin types.
  4. Tenderness: Individuals experience mild tenderness on the skin, usually resolving shortly after the session.
  5. Rare Bruising: Rare instances of minor bruising may occur, typically resolving within a few days.

Which Is Better, Galvanic Facial or High Frequency?

The choice between a Galvanic Facial and a High-Frequency Facial depends on your specific skin goals.

  • Galvanic Facial is better if you prioritize deep cleansing, balanced moisture, and overall rejuvenation. It’s versatile and suitable for various skin types, offering a gentle and relaxing experience.
  • High-Frequency Facial is better if you target specific concerns like acne, fine lines, or skin texture improvement. It stimulates oxygenation, reduces inflammation, and directly promotes collagen, making it effective for targeted skincare needs.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Both treatments offer unique benefits, so it’s about aligning them with your specific skin concerns and preferences.

Can I Use Galvanic Facial and High Frequency Together?

Absolutely, combining Galvanic Facials and High-Frequency Treatments is a smart move for your skin.

Start with the Galvanic Facial to deeply cleanse and prep your skin. It’s like the perfect setup for the main act.

Then, bring in High-Frequency to tackle specific issues like acne and fine lines. The combo is a powerhouse – Galvanic sets the stage, and High-Frequency delivers targeted results. It’s like a tag team for your skin, giving you a comprehensive and effective skincare routine.

Just make sure to use the right devices and follow the pro tips for the best results and safety. Your skin will thank you!

Which Treatment Is Less Painful?

Galvanic Facials are considered less painful compared to High-Frequency Treatments. Galvanic Facials typically involve a mild tingling sensation, and many individuals find them quite comfortable.

On the other hand, High-Frequency Treatments cause a mild tingling or warming sensation, which some find slightly more intense than the sensation experienced during Galvanic Facials.

However, pain tolerance varies among individuals, and what feels comfortable for one person differs for another. Both treatments are generally well-tolerated, and any sensation is usually mild and temporary.


Choosing between a Galvanic and High-Frequency Facial depends on your specific skin needs.

However, combining both treatments offers a comprehensive skincare solution, addressing deep cleansing, product penetration, and targeted benefits. Using them together creates a dynamic duo for your skin’s well-being.

Embrace these scientifically-backed treatments with confidence, ensuring your skin radiates health and vitality.

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